for sale: THREE TOP DOMAINS !!!

each of this three domains are for sale !

offer u will find under

handling / selling will happen only through

dont waste our time by contacting me (the owner) direct.

this are the only 3 addresses u (and your customers) will remember even after ten years...

interested ? E: click   German:

just search for cccc on SEDO, also u may look into showcase of domains or featured domains !

how much it is in Euro u will find at

three addresses will be sold separately. send your offers for each separately !

if you like to buy all three addresses we may talk abt. a (small) discount.

once again: selling and handling will be done only through - its useless to send offers direct to owner which is me.

its useless to contact me direct.. !

handling / why SEDO.COM ? :

handling is safe for both of us:

u make your offer to SEDO which will forward it to me.

if u dont add your complete name and real address etc. SEDO will put it into SPAM..

if we agree :

You will have to pay to SEDO. SEDO will keep the amount safe and will inform me.

after getting (secured) info from SEDO abt payment done by you to SEDO

I will generate AUTH-Code (required for transfer of ownership) + send AUTH-code to SEDO.

Sedo will keep amount safe and will change the ownership of addresses from me to YOU using the AUTH code SEDO got from me.

after this change of ownership could be done successfully amount will be send to me.

and you will get all passwords and ownership proving electronic "documents"

and I will receive the amount minus handling fees of SEDO which I will pay.

if u think I will generate and send first AUTH CODES to you and later u may pay ... or not: Sorry, dont waste our time !

att: u will buy the ownership of adresses only.

for beeing online u need nameservers, servers and html-page - code which are NOT included.

if you dont have server and nameservers find out abt handling of ip, ns and servers which are required !

find info abt registering .cc click this to get infos around .cc domains !

way of handling vers. v 12